about kate


Kate is currently a sports photographer and visual creator for the Tennessee Volunteers.

After Kate's basketball coach in middle school let her join the team for her positive attitude and not her athleticism, she decided it would be best to stay off the court and put her passion into photography. She began that journey capturing photos of her younger sister, who was a star athlete playing not one, but three sports. 

Kate went on to graduate from the University of Tennessee with a degree in journalism and electronic media in December of 2020. 

Throughout her college career, Kate not only focused on her career in sports photography, but she spent months abroad in Sydney, Australia. There she studied their culture and was an ISA Photo Blogger. She also spent time in Prague, Czech Republic where she was able to further her studies in journalism in a non-English speaking country. 

When Kate isn't photographing sports, she spends time keeping up with TikTok trends to create more content and also enjoys trying new coffee shops and cruising on her longboard. 


E. kateluffman@gmail.com

IG. @kateluffman

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